Sims' Next Top Male Model is (abbreviated SNTMM) is a mock reality television series in which a number of aspiring male models comepte for the title of "Sims' Next Top Male Model", providing them with an opportunity to begin their career in the modelling industry. It is hosted by model and photographer Maicle Gambardella, who also takes the photos for most of the weekly photo shoots.

Aside from the prize magazine being changed from Numéro Hommes to L'Officiel Hommes in cycle 6, the prizes have remained almost unchanged since the première of the series. The winning model gets to be on the cover of said magazine, he receives a one-year contract with NU女 Model Management. Additionally, he receives a cash prize equivalent to 50,000 USD. A new prize was introduced in cycle 8, which was an international ad campaign for Guess. The prize will remain in cycle 9, but the campaign will be for a different brand which is yet to be announced.

Series overviewEdit

Cycle Premiere
Winner Runner-up Other contestants in order of elimination No. of
1 April 27, 2014 Poland
Franciszek Ławniczak
Dae Ji-won
Benedict Jerome, Santino Giordano, Clement Jerome & Jóakim Tjörvisson, Miko Strnad & Noé Conteh, Maximilian Wilcox, Tsukuda Shunsuke, Samuel Ngai, Félix Estéves 12 Italy
Cape Town
2 June 15, 2014 Mongolia
Khadan Otgonbayar
Gustaf Engström
Evgeniy Konstantinov, Luca Bălan, Chöygal Tenzin Ihamo, Demetrio Escárcega, Adrián Medina, Max Meier, Florent Guérin, François Émile & Zhuo Liuhan 11 Antarctica
McMurdo Station
Rhodes City
3 September 16, 2014 Canada
Jordan Sharman
Wakahisa Shin
Gervásio Magalhães, Sin Jae-eun, Jeremy Sharman, Alec Kunze, Aurèle Sauvegeot, Olev Puusepp, Marcin Wójcik, Anton Elmisri 10 None
4 June 9, 2015 China
Lian Xiuhuan
Baptiste Sauvegeau
Stanislav Rezník, Wang Houshuai, Do Jae-won, Loïc Songprawati, Cas de Groot, Jang Seung-hyuk, Akiyama Nozomu, Senna van Rossum, Chöygal Tenzin Ihamo, Lian Xiuwen 12 Russia
5 July 18, 2015 Liechtenstein
Léo Hintzen
Szymuś Wójcik
Oliver Bonivác Erős & Sindri Guðrúnarson, Byun Woo-suk, Lisandro Favre St. Martin, Lee Chan-sub, Oliver Baumgartner, Anu Phoumsavanh (quit), Chen Jie, Truong Quan Dai, Quan Zhenyu, Meng Haohao 13 None
6 December 1, 2015 China
Ying He
Alexandru Ionescu
Matthijs Cuijpers, Santino Giordano, Connor McClerk, Mirek Górka, Florent Guérin, Adam Salomon & Adam Sokołowski, Connor Brzezicki 10 Bahamas
Czech Republic
7 June 24, 2016 Southkorea
Noi Eui-jo
Fabian Bäcker
Jackson Mpohor-Wassa, Alex Capello Ola, Alex Klerkx, Sam Oqilov, Nergüin Ikh, Klaudiusz-Benedykt Dunajski & Sofus Erlandsson Bååht, Timotheus Tsutsumi 10 United States
Key West
Ürümqi, Tulufan
8 July 11, 2016 Israel
Emanuel Meier
Souvanna Phoumsavanh
Max Meier, Jirayu Songprawati, Henry Sutton-Lémieux, François Émile, Wang Wangqi, Wang Houshuai, Loïc Songprawati, Connor Brzezicki, Anu Phoumsavanh, Gabriel Émile 12 Tunisia
Málaga, L'Escala, Barcelona
9 July 30, 2016 TBA TBA Eliminated: Zia Kriege, Louÿs Guan Fleur, Massimiljanu Sciberras
Still in the running: Daan Bul, Edward Taylor, Finley McNeil, Gioacchino D'onofrio, Hunter Lachlan, Tanaka Shouta, Yeniel Alexander
10 TBA


Placing Season 1 Season 2 Season 3 Season 4 Season 5 Season 6 Season 7 Season 8 Season 9
Winner Franciszek Ławniczak Khadan Otgonbayar Jordan Sharman Lian Xiuhuan Léo Hintzen Ying He Noi Eui-jo Emanuel Meier
Runner-up Dae Ji-won Gustaf Engström Wakahisa Shin Baptiste Sauvegeau Szymuś Wójcik Alexandru Ionescu Fabian Bäcker Souvanna Phoumsavanh
3rd Place Félix Estéves François Émile
Zhuo Liuhan
Anton Elmisri Lian Xiuwen Meng Haohao Connor Brzezicki Timotheus Tsutsumi Gabriel Émile
4th Place Samel Ngai Marcin Wójcik Chöygal Tenzin Ihamo Quan Zhenyu Adam Salomon
Adam Sokołowski
Klaudiusz-Benedykt Dunajski
Sofus Erlandsson Bååht
Anu Phoumsavanh
5th Place Tsukuda Shunsuke Florent Guérin Olev Puusepp Senna van Rossum Trương Quân Đại Connor Brzezicki
6th Place Maximilian Wilcox Max Meier Aurèle Sauvegeot Akiyama Nozomu Chen Jie Florent Guérin Nergüin Ikh Loïc Songprawati
7th Place Miko Strnad
Noé Conteh
Adrián Medina Alec Kunze Jang Seung-hyuk Anu Phoumsavanh Mirek Górka Sam Oqilov Wang Houshuai
8th Place Demetrio Escárcega Jeremy Sharman Cas de Groot Oliver Baumgartner Connor McClerk Alex Klerkx Wang Wangqi Massimiljanu Sciberras
9th Place Clement Jerome
Jóakim Tjörvisson
Chöygal Tenzin Ihamo Shin Jae-eun Loïc Songpratawi Lee Chan-sub Santino Giordano Alex Capello Ola François Émile Louÿs Guan Fleur
10th Place Luca Bălan Gervásio Magalhães Do Jae-won Lisandro Favre St. Martin Matthijs Cuijpers Jackson Mpohor-Wassa Henry Sutton-Lémieux Zia Kriege
11th Place Santino Giordano Evgeniy Konstantinov Wang Houshuai Byun Woo-suk Jirayu Songprawati
12th Place Benedict Jerome Stanislav Rezník Oliver Bonifác Erős
Sindri Goðrúnarson
Max Meier
13th Place
     The contestant was eliminated in a double elimination.
     The contestant eliminated earlier in the competition, returned or was saved and advanced.
     The contestant was eliminated earlier in the competition, returned or was saved but did not advance.
     The contestant participated for the second time.
     The contestant quit the competition.


  • Season 1 was originally supposed to have a cast of 18 models, but after having selected the models, Maicle decided to narrow them down to just 12, as with fewer models it would be easier to manage and he could get to know his models better.
  • Season 1 is the only season to feature more than one double elimination.
  • Season 1 is the only season to feature a "comeback".
  • Season 2 is the only season to have more than three contestants make it to the final week.
  • Season 2 is the only season to feature several non-elimination bottom 2s. It is however not the only season to feature several episodes without eliminations.
  • Season 3 is the only season in which not more or less than one model was eliminated every panel.
  • Season 4 is the only season to feature a pair of twins.
  • Season 4 marked the first time a model was eliminated, then saved in the same episode.
  • Season 4 is the longest season, with 12 episodes.
  • Season 4 is the season that took the longest to eliminate two models, with it taking four episodes to go from 12 to 10.
  • Season 5 is the only season in which a contestant quit.
  • Season 5 is the only season to feature siblings of previous contestants, or of contestants from other franchises.
  • Season 5 was the first season to feature several contestants with the same given name.
  • Season 6 marked the first time a contestant received more than two first call-outs in a row.
  • China is the only country to have more than one winner.
  • Chöygal Tenzin Ihamo is the only returning contestant (on a regular season) to place significantly higher his second run than his first, with him placing 4th in season 4, after placing 9th in season 2.
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